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Final episode for Core Animation: Adding Reflections and 3D Transformations. See how to add reflections to each of the photos and apply 3D transformations to the side photos in the sample Cover Flow application.

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This week we’ve got a new episode in the Core Animation series, and a new podcast featuring an interview with Frederic Daoud, author of Stripes: and Java web development is fun again.

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Episode 6: Adding Reflections and 3D Transformations

In this final episode, we’ll finish up the Cover Flow application by adding reflections to each of the photos and apply 3D transformations to the side photos. You’ll learn how to:

  • add images and their masks to a reflection layer
  • use Quartz drawing functions to create gradients for reflection masks
  • rework the layout manager to properly handle 3D transformations
  • apply 3D transformations and blur effects to images
  • use a sublayer transformation to apply perspective transformations to the layer

Interview with Stripes author Frederic Daoud

In this interview by Pragmatic editor Jackie Carter, author Frederic Daoud explains what Stripes is, and why it’s a better Java web framework, featuring easy integration with other technologies including Hibernate, and why it’s vital if you’re creating applications that have to be multilingual.

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