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Apple’s Cocoa frameworks let you write powerful and attractive applications for Mac OS X or the iPhone. With this book plus your existing knowledge of object-oriented programming you can take advantage of Cocoa and create compelling, feature rich, compliant Mac applications for this industry-leading environment.

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This week we’ve got two things to announce: Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers is now available in Beta, and Ryan Irelan is offering a free help session on Expression Engine TONIGHT, Wed Sep 17, 2008.

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Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers now in Beta

Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers shows you how to get productive with Cocoa—fast! We won’t walk you through every class and method in the API (but we will show you where to find that information). Instead, we’ll jump right in and start building a web browser using Cocoa. In just a few minutes you’ll have something that works. A couple of minutes more, and you’ll have code in your custom controller, listening for notifications and call-backs. Soon you’ll have the functionality you’d expect in a full browser. And that’s just the first few chapters…

You’ll learn to use the Apple developer tools to design your user interface, write the code, and create the data model. We’ll show you Objective-C concepts when you are ready to apply them throughout the book. By the end of the book, you’ll be a Cocoa programmer.

We assume that you’re familiar with a C-like language and with the concepts of object-oriented programming, so there’s no messing around—you’ll get right to work. You’ll build your GUI from the visual components that Apple provides for you using the recently updated version of Interface Builder. You’ll write your code in Objective-C 2.0—the first major update to this OO language that’s been around as long as C++. You’ll leverage the Cocoa frameworks to get the same look and feel as your favorite Apple applications.

Cocoa development is both productive and fun! Why not give it a try?

Free Expression Engine Help Chat

If you’ve got a question about Expression Engine, Ryan Irelan is your man. He’s the author of the Building a Dynamic Website with ExpressionEngine screencasts as well as an upcoming book on Expression Engine.

Tonight, Ryan is running his free Expression Engine help chat online. Please visit for details.

You might also want to check out Ryan’s blog at and his twitter on Expression Engine topics. You can also find Ryan hanging out and answering tricky questions on our forums at as well as the official Expression Engine forums at

Thanks for your continued support,

Andy & Dave