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Rediscovering JavaScript »

Get started today with the phenomenal features from ES6 and beyond: the rest operator, generators, destructuring, object literals, arrow functions, modern classes, promises, async, and metaprogramming capabilities. Start quickly with this book and dive deep into the essence of modern JavaScript. Learn practical tips to apply the elegant parts of the language and the gotchas to avoid.

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir »

Elixir's straightforward syntax and this guided tour give you a clean, simple path to learn modern functional programming techniques. No previous FP experience required! Explore immutable values and explicit data transformation, functions, modules, recursive functions, pattern matching, high-order functions, polymorphism, and failure handling, all while avoiding side effects. Don't board the Elixir train with an imperative mindset!

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  • Software Design X-Rays: Fix Technical Debt with Behavioral Code Analysis, in print
  • Adopting Elixir: From Concept to Production, in print
  • Build Reactive Web Sites with RxJS: Master Observables and Wrangle Events, in beta
  • Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, Second Edition: A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement, in print
  • Docker for Rails Developers: Build, Ship, and Run Your Applications Everywhere, in beta
Rediscovering JavaScript, Learn FP
February 28, 2018

JavaScript is no longer to be feared or loathed—the world's most popular and ubiquitous language has evolved into a respectable language. Whether you're writing frontend applications or server-side code, you need Rediscovering JavaScript: Master ES6, ES7, and ES8. Now available in beta at pragprog.com/book/ves6.

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir: New Foundations for a New World walks you through the right concepts at the right pace. To get the most out of functional languages, you need to think functionally. This book will get you there. Now in print and available from pragprog.com/book/cdc-elixir. Get copies for your whole team, and get a jump on the future.

Come and get 'em!


Rediscovering JavaScript: Master ES6, ES7, and ES8

JavaScript is a black swan that no one, including the author of the language, thought would become a popular and ubiquitous language. Not long ago, it was the most hated and feared language you could use to program the web. JavaScript ES6 and beyond has gone through a significant makeover. Troublesome features have been replaced with better, elegant, more reliable alternatives. This book includes many practical examples and exercises to help you learn in depth. It will not bore you with idiosyncrasies and arcane details intended for bad interview questions. Instead, it takes you into key features that you can readily use in your day-to-day projects.

Whether you program the frontend or the server side, you can now write concise, elegant, and expressive JavaScript with newer features like default parameters, template literals, rest and spread operators, destructuring, arrow functions, and generators. Take it up a notch with features like infinite series, promises, async, and metaprogramming to create flexible, powerful, and extensible libraries. While the evolved features of the language will draw you in, the hundreds of examples in this book will pin the concepts down, for you to use on your projects. Take command of modern JavaScript and unlock your potential to create powerful applications.

Now in beta from pragprog.com/book/ves6.

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir: New Foundations for a New World

Functional programming offers useful techniques for building maintainable and scalable software that solves today's difficult problems. The demand for software written in this way is increasing—you don't want to miss out. In this book, you'll not only learn Elixir and its features, you'll also learn the mindset required to program functionally. Elixir’s clean syntax is excellent for exploring the critical skills of using functions and concurrency.

Start with the basic techniques of the functional way: working with immutable data, transforming data in discrete steps, and avoiding side effects. Next, take a deep look at values, expressions, functions, and modules. Then extend your programming with pattern matching and flow control with case, if, cond, and functions. Use recursive functions to create iterations. Work with data types such as lists, tuples, and maps. Improve code reusability and readability with Elixir's most common high-order functions. Explore how to use lazy computation with streams, design your data, and take advantage of polymorphism with protocols. Combine functions and handle failures in a maintainable way using Elixir features and libraries.

Learn techniques that matter to make code that lives harmoniously with the language.

Now in print from pragprog.com/book/cdc-elixir.

Upcoming Author Appearances

  • 2018-03-02 VM Brasseur, The Lead Developer, Austin, TX
  • 2018-03-05 Dmitry Zinoviev, CompleNet, Boston , MA
  • 2018-03-06 Linus Dietz, Workshop on Innovative Software Engineering Education, Ulm, Germany
  • 2018-03-19 Johanna Rothman, Boscon, Cambridge, MA
  • 2018-03-21 Jeremy Fairbank, JazzCon, New Orleans, LA
  • 2018-03-27 Johanna Rothman, IEEE Consultants Network, Waltham MA
  • 2018-03-29 Ryan Ripley, Code PaLOUsa 2018 - Louisville, Kentucky
  • 2018-03-30 Jeremy Fairbank, Lambda Squared, Knoxville, TN
  • 2018-04-17 VM Brasseur, Open Source 101, Columbia, SC
  • 2018-04-17 VM Brasseur, Open Source 101, Columbia, SC
  • 2018-04-20 Jeremy Fairbank, CodeStock, Knoxville, TN
  • 2018-05-04 Ryan Ripley, Agile Day Maine - Portland, Maine
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