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Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir »

Property-based testing helps you create better, more solid tests with little code. By using the PropEr framework in both Erlang and Elixir, this book teaches you how to automatically generate test cases, test stateful programs, and change how you design your software for more principled and reliable approaches. You will be able to better explore the problem space, validate the assumptions you make when coming up with program behavior, and expose unexpected weaknesses in your design. Start writing efficient property-based tests today!

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Property-Based Testing with PropEr
August 08, 2018

Ready to level up your Erlang and Elixir testing skills? Come get your copy of Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir: Find Bugs Before Your Users Do, now in beta from pragprog.com/book/fhproper.

No collection of Elixir and Erlang books will be complete without it! Read on for details.

Important Note About Elixir and Erlang

Since Stream Data will not be a part of the Elixir core, we think this book will become more important for the Elixir ecosystem. PropEr already has a significant head start, and we're looking for ways to make this the best possible experience for both the Erlang and Elixir communities. Currently, most of the Elixir code is in an appendix, but we will be changing that. By the time the book is published, we plan to include the Elixir code along with the Erlang code in the chapters. We have some ideas, but we’re still looking for ways to improve that. If you have any suggestions, please send them to us at fhproper@pragprog.com.

Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir: Find Bugs Before Your Users Do

Most tests only demonstrate that the code behaves how the developer expected it to behave, and therefore carry the same blind spots as their authors when special conditions or edge cases show up. Learn how to see things differently with property tests written in PropEr.

Start with the basics of property tests, such as writing stateless properties, and using the default generators to generate test cases automatically. More importantly, learn how to think in properties. Improve your properties, write custom data generators, and discover what your code can or cannot do. Learn when to use property tests and when to stick with example tests with real-world sample projects. Explore various testing approaches to find the one that's best for your code. Shrink failing test cases to their simpler expression to highlight exactly what breaks in your code, and generate highly relevant data through targeted properties. Uncover the trickiest bugs you can think of with nearly no code at all with two special types of properties based on state transitions and finite state machines.

Write Erlang and Elixir properties that generate the most effective tests you'll see, whether they are unit tests or complex integration and system tests.

Now in beta from pragprog.com/book/fhproper.

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