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A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition »

With simple language and clear diagrams, this book makes this complex topic accessible, no matter your background. This new edition features practice exercises in every chapter and new chapters on topics such as dynamic programming and heaps and tries. Get the hands-on info you need to master data structures and algorithms for your day-to-day work.

Programmer Passport: LiveView »

Our friends at Grox.io are currently in the midst of an extensive self study course on Phoenix LiveView with the most instructional videos of any of their courses to date for even more pair programming with Bruce Tate. The third of four modules releases on 8/15. The four-chapter book written by Bruce is an excellent guide to the theory behind LiveView.

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  • Technical Blogging, Second Edition, audio book
  • Quantum Computing, in print
  • DSLs in Kotlin, in beta
  • Using Elixir for Graphs, in beta

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Data Structures and Algorithms; LiveView
August 13, 2020

Data structures and algorithms aren't some ivory-tower, abstract concept that you only find on college exams. They are the very pragmatic lifeblood of programming itself. Level up your skills today with the newly updated and revised A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition, now content complete and available from pragprog.com/titles/jwdsal2.

Come and get it!

A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills

Algorithms and data structures are much more than abstract concepts. Mastering them enables you to write code that runs faster and more efficiently, which is particularly important for today’s web and mobile apps. Take a practical approach to data structures and algorithms, with techniques and real-world scenarios that you can use in your daily production code, with examples in JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. This new and revised second edition features new chapters on recursion, dynamic programming, and using Big O in your daily work.

Use Big O notation to measure and articulate the efficiency of your code, and modify your algorithm to make it faster. Find out how your choice of arrays, linked lists, and hash tables can dramatically affect the code you write. Use recursion to solve tricky problems and create algorithms that run exponentially faster than the alternatives. Dig into advanced data structures such as binary trees and graphs to help scale specialized applications such as social networks and mapping software. You’ll even encounter a single keyword that can give your code a turbo boost. Practice your new skills with exercises in every chapter, along with detailed solutions.

Use these techniques today to make your code faster and more scalable.

Now in print: The ebook is content complete and available from pragprog.com/titles/jwdsal2. For the paperback edition, please support your local independent bookstore.

Programmer Passport: LiveView

  • Chapter 1 explains the lifecycle and how to break your code into layers.
  • Chapter 2 focuses on LiveView events and an interesting technique for validating data called schemaless changesets.
  • Chapter 3 explains how PubSub works, exploring what sending messages of different types looks like in your application and in the console.
  • Chapter 4 will focus on taking a poorly designed live view and refactoring it over six steps with functions, templates, and components.

Check it out! Subscribe to Programmer Passport at Grox.io!

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