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JavaScript today must interact with data-intensive APIs and networks. The solution is a program that can work asynchonously instead of finishing tasks in order. Delve into async features of JavaScript from ES2020 through ESNext. Build custom asynchronous iterators and generators, and more for fast, lean code. Modern Asynchronous JavaScript gives you an arsenal of tools to build programs that always respond to user requests, recover quickly from difficult conditions, and deliver maximum performance.

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Modern Asynchronous JavaScript
September 14, 2021

Modern Asynchronous JavaScript: Tackle Complex Async Tasks with Less Code

Applications today must work with information on remote servers, and users expect a quick response to complex interactions at all times, whether on a high-speed 5G cellular network or slow public WiFi. JavaScript provides developers with advanced tools to coordinate the asynchronous parts of their code efficiently and deliver responsive programs. Faster applications equal happier users, which is the promise of asynchronous JavaScript.

With Modern Asynchronous JavaScript you’ll learn techniques for managing your async code. Features like ES2021 Promise.any() allow you to safeguard your async code from external issues that are out of your control like server downtime. You’ll discover secret weapons like top-level await to initialize resources, define dependency paths dynamically, and load dependencies with a fallback implementation. You’ll even learn to how to set a time limit for async requests and react if they take too long to complete.

Fast, reliable applications are a must in today’s world, where users demand increasingly greater amounts of data on mobile devices. Asynchronous programming may require more cautious planning than synchronous programming but the outcome is rewarding. Asynchronous JavaScript allows you to write code that is nimble but reliable, leading to programs that load faster, respond quicker, and most importantly that you can trust to function properly.

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