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Over the last few years, the global work landscape has changed significantly. Have you?

Whether you're trying to make sense of remote work, get a handle on a new career in software management, or just enjoy your job more, PragProg author James Stanier has a roadmap for you. Scroll down to learn how to get practical and useful advice plus a time-sensitive promo code.

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Answers and Advice from James Stanier
January 19, 2022

Useful Advice from Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager and Effective Remote Work Author, James Stanier

James Stanier is Director of Engineering at Shopify. He's the author of Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager and, most recently, Effective Remote Work. When it comes to finding—and making—your own work success, James knows what he's talking about.

We recently sat down with James to chat about his new book. He filled us in on the new age of remote work and explained how organizations are changing the way they think, connect, socialize, and onboard. With a good internet connection and a willingness to adapt, James will show you how to make the most of having the ability to decide when, how, and where to work. His practical and useful advice is something you can put into action today.

Read the full interview with James and learn his story at https://medium.com/pragmatic-programmers/author-spotlight-james-stanier-ff599ec2d48d. Then hop over to https://forum.devtalk.com/t/spotlight-james-stanier-author-interview-and-ask-me-anything/36826 for an AMA and a chance to win a free a ebook copy of Effective Remote Work.

Plus, now through January 31, 2022, grab 40% off James' ebooks at pragprog.com with promo code "EFFECTIVE".

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