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If you missed out on anything in this year's Spring Sales Event or if you're already ready to take on new topics, we've got some great news for you. For a limited time only, we're giving you one more chance to pick up any of the 48 sale titles for 50% off. Ruby and Rails, remote work, Mermaid, and more—it's all back and at prices you won't see again for a very long time. Scroll down for the full list and promo code.

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  1. Agile Web Development with Rails 7
  2. Programming Phoenix LiveView
  3. Programming Ruby 3.2 (5th Edition)
  4. Effective Haskell
  5. Creating Software with Modern Diagramming Techniques

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⁠50% Off! Second Chance Spring Sale
May 23, 2023

Enter coupon code SPRING2023 at checkout to save 50% on any of the following titles:

Offer not valid for previous purchases. Expires June 1, 2023.

Programming Ruby 3.2 (5th Edition)
Programming Ruby is the most complete book on Ruby, covering both the language itself and the standard library as well as commonly used third-party tools.

Programming Erlang (2nd edition)
Write parallel programs that scale effortlessly on multicore systems with Erlang.

Hands-on Rust
Make fun games as you learn the Rust programming language through a series of hands-on game development tutorials and real-world use of core language skills.

Effective Haskell
Don’t just learn the Haskell syntax. Dive deeply into the language as you build efficient, well-tested programs.

Cruising Along with Java
Get up to speed with the changes in the Java language from version 9 to 19 and apply the amazing features in your application to improve its design and quality.

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
Get a hands-on tour of Clojure, Haskell, Io, Prolog, Scala, Erlang, and Ruby.

SQL Antipatterns, Volume 1
Use SQL the right way—it can save you from headaches and needless work, and let your application really shine!

Programming Clojure, Third Edition
Wield immutable data, functions, and metaprogramming to solve problems with this uniquely expressive language.

Practical Programming, Third Edition
Solve real-world problems as you learn the fundamentals of programming using Python 3.

Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager
The software industry needs great managers. We need you. Here’s how to start.

Effective Remote Work
The office isn’t as essential as it used to be. It’s time to adopt a brand-new mindset. Remote working is here to stay.

The Passionate Programmer, Second Edition
Plan and create a remarkable and radically successful career in software development.

Release It! Second Edition
Design your application for maximum uptime, performance, and return on investment in the face of the harsh realities of the real world.

Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer
Learn how to write nonfiction fast and well to educate, influence, and entertain your readers.

Software Estimation Without Guessing
A pragmatic approach to identifying the needs for software development estimation and choosing methods that can meet those needs.

Forge Your Future with Open Source
A comprehensive guide to how and why to contribute to free and open source software projects.

Creating Software with Modern Diagramming Techniques
Work through your ideas quickly when working on your own code or discussing a proposal with colleagues.

Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up
Get the buy-in you need to build data governance, find the right colleagues to co-create data governance, and keep them engaged for the long haul.

From Objects to Functions
Build applications quicker and with less effort using functional programming and Kotlin.

A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition
If you thought that data structures and algorithms were all just theory, you’re missing out on what they can do for your code.

Domain Modeling Made Functional
Solve real problems by focusing on real-world requirements for your software.

Functional Programming in Java, Second Edition
Write Java code that reads like the problem statement, code that’s highly expressive, concise, easy to read and modify, and has reduced complexity.

Design and Build Great Web APIs
Tackle just about any API challenge with more than a dozen open-source utilities and common programming patterns you can apply right away.

Practical A/B Testing
If you aren’t measuring the impact of the changes you make, how will you know if you’re truly making improvements?

Mazes for Programmers
Remember when programming used to be fun? Discover the best medicine for programmer’s block, burn-out, and the grayest of days.

Numerical Brain Teasers
Get ready to have more fun with numbers than you’ve ever had before.

The Ray Tracer Challenge
Brace yourself for a fun challenge: build a photorealistic 3D renderer from scratch! It’s easier than you think.

Python Brain Teasers
Challenge your understanding of Python with 30 simple programs that will help you avoid mistakes and discover gaps in your knowledge.

Fire in the Valley, Third Edition
The definitive history of the personal computer, drawn from interviews with the people who made it happen, written by two veteran computer writers who were there from the start.

Go Brain Teasers
Learn the nuances of Go in one of the most fun and creative ways around.

Rust Brain Teasers
What better way to exercise your brain and increase your Rust programming knowledge than with a collection of dynamic brain teasers?

Good Math
From Egyptian fractions to Turing machines and everything in between, discover the beauty of numbers, logic, and computation.

Building Table Views with Phoenix LiveView
Bring your data to the fingertips of nontechnical users with advanced features like pagination, sorting, filtering, and infinity scrolling.

Programming Phoenix LiveView
You don’t have to wade through oceans of JavaScript to build the interactive applications today’s users crave.

Agile Web Development with Rails 7
Rails 7 completely redefines what it means to produce fantastic user experiences and provides a way to achieve all the benefits of single-page applications.

Modern Front-End Development for Rails, Second Edition
Add great front-end flair without much extra complication!

Build Websites with Hugo
Rediscover how fun web development can be with Hugo, the static site generator and web framework that lets you build content sites quickly using the skills you already have.

Programming Phoenix 1.4
This definitive guide will be your constant companion in your journey from Phoenix novice to expert as you build the next generation of web applications.

Modern CSS with Tailwind, Second Edition
Learn how to use Tailwind for its flexibility and its consistency, from the smallest detail of your typography to the entire design of your site.

Programming WebRTC
Build the next generation of web applications that stream media and data in real time, directly from one user to another—all by working in the browser.

Practical Vim, Second Edition
Learn the editor’s core functionality and tackle your trickiest editing and writing tasks with this beloved best seller in no time.

Mockito Made Clear
Gain invaluable insights into the Mockito API, save time when unit testing, and have confidence in all your Java programs.

Python Testing with pytest, Second Edition
Explore pytest’s superpowers—simple asserts, fixtures, parametrization, markers, and plugins—while creating simple tests and test suites against a small database application.

Small, Sharp Software Tools
Put down that mouse, open the CLI, and take control of your software development environment.

Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit
Discover how unit tests can pay off by keeping your system code clean and handling all the stuff that seems too tough to test.

The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference
From JSON, SMTP, and server configuration files to PostScript/PDF files, simple spreadsheet macro languages, and everything in between, ANTLR 4 will demystify the process.

Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go
Write your own fast, reliable, and cross-platform command-line tools with the Go programming language.

Effective Testing with RSpec 3
Whether you’re new to automated tests or have been using them for years, this book will help you write more effective tests.

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