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Ruby- and Rails-based devs are starting to pay attention to Elixir's powerful reliability and scaling. Compelling technology forces us to assess our tooling and consider new approaches. How do you evaluate and move forward? How do you know you're getting it right? Stephen Bussey, author of From Ruby to Elixir, dives into the strategies and roadmaps you need. Scroll down to read our interview with Stephen, join the AMA, and grab your chance at a free ebook.

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Spot and Adopt Your Next Great Technology
August 24, 2023

Stephen Bussey spent years living and loving Ruby and Rails. When a co-worker convinced him to give Elixir a try, he fell in love again. As a software architect, developer, and startup founder, he brings lots of experience testing new technologies. Still, tooling changes come with high costs even when they also bring amazing benefits. Stephen knows the evaluation process: first-person experience, hard numbers, and added value let teams make better decisions before they commit to new languages and frameworks.

We sat down with Stephen to discuss what it means to enter Elixir's functional landscape coming from Ruby and Rails and its object-oriented development approach. Elixir adds scaling and stability into its ecosystem without sacrificing the elegance and simplicity that make users love the language they work in.

Read the full interview at https://forum.devtalk.com/t/spotlight-stephen-bussey-author-interview-and-ama/120416. Stephen talks about Elixir technologies like OTP, the BEAM, and concurrency. His love for Ruby shines throughout. So, when he tells you about Elixir's powerful design and architecture, believe him. When you visit, make sure to drop a question into the AMA thread. Every discussion participant has a chance at winning a free ebook copy of From Ruby to Elixir.

If AMAs aren't your thing, use the promo code devtalk.com for 35% off From Ruby to Elixir at pragprog.com.

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