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JavaScript is now a powerful, dynamic language with a rich ecosystem of professional-grade development tools, infrastructures, frameworks, and toolkits. These JavaScript tips will get you started quickly and save you time. Now in print and shipping

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Pragmatic Guide to JavaScript
November 24, 2010

Get your wishlists ready! This Friday is BLACK FRIDAY, and we’re having a store-wide 40% off sale for 24 hours only (midnight to midnight PST) on this Friday, November 26, 2010. Use the coupon code “turkey.”

While you’re getting your list ready (and checking it twice), get your JavaScript on with Pragmatic Guide to JavaScript, now in print and shipping from pragprog.com/titles/pg_js.

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Pragmatic Guide to JavaScript

JavaScript is everywhere. It’s a key component of today’s Web—a powerful, dynamic language with a rich ecosystem of professional-grade development tools, infrastructures, frameworks, and toolkits. There are so many extensive JavaScript reference books and competing libraries to choose from: Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, YUI, Dojo, ExtJS, and more.

Christophe Porteneuve is here to help: he gives you fundamentals, handy techniques, and the insider’s best practices. If you’re reasonably comfortable programming in any widely known language, you’ll be able to jump into JavaScript in no time with these 35 key JavaScript tasks you need to know.

The Pragmatic Guide Series books feature task-oriented two-page spreads get you up and running fast. The left pages explain the underlying implementation for each task, and the right pages contain code snippets for that task, along with cross-references to related tasks.

You’ll learn essential JavaScript tasks in a framework-agnostic way. Learn how to manipulate the DOM and CSS, and how to use event handling and timers. You’ll discover JavaScript tricks for user interface functionality: tooltips, lightboxes, image processing, infinite scrolling, and more. You’ll work with forms for receiving and validating input and explore the client-server relationship with cookies, JSON, and Ajax, as well as mashups with Twitter, Flickr, and geo-related APIs. We round it off with a cheat sheet that gives you JavaScript at a glance.

Use this Pragmatic Guide to get started creating your own killer web applications, quickly and professionally.

Available now in print and ebook formats from pragprog.com/titles/pg_js

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