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With ExUnit you can write tests covering all levels of detail, from unit to integration, but only if you know how to use it to the fullest—we’ll show you how. Explore testing Elixir-specific challenges such as OTP-based modules, asynchronous code, Ecto-based applications, and Phoenix applications. Learn new tools like Mox for mocks and StreamData for property-based testing. Create test suites that add value to your production cycle and guard you against regressions.

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Testing Elixir
June 18, 2020

Welcome to summer 2020! In the midst of massive global changes, we thought it would be a fine time for some changes of our own. We have launched a new website at pragprog.com. The good news is that it's clean, stripped down, faster, more responsive, and more mobile friendly and accessible. We can take more forms of payment. It's more secure because we keep less personal data, and gives a clean start for including exciting new features to come. But, of course, there are tradeoffs: you'll need to reset your password. We migrated most recent accounts, but if you haven't purchased from us in a while, please email support@pragprog.com and we'll get you set up. You can read the whole FAQ at pragprog.com/support..

Testing Elixir: Effective and Robust Testing for Elixir and its Ecosystem

Write Elixir tests that you can be proud of. Dive into Elixir's test philosophy and gain mastery over the terminology and concepts that underlie good tests. Create and structure a comprehensive ExUnit test suite, starting from the basics, and build comprehensive test coverage that will provide safety for refactoring and confidence that your code performs as designed. Use tests to make your software more reliable and fault tolerant.

Explore the basic tool set provided by ExUnit and Mix to write and organize your test suite. Test code built around different OTP functionality. Isolate your code through dependency injection and by using Mox. Write comprehensive tests for Ecto projects, covering Ecto as a database tool as well as a standalone data validation tool. Test Phoenix channels from end to end, including authentication and joining topics. Write Phoenix controller tests and understand the concepts of integration testing in Elixir. Learn property-based testing with StreamData from the author who wrote the library.

Code with high confidence that you are getting the most out of your test suite, with the right tools that make testing your code a pleasure and a valuable part of your development cycle.

Now available in beta from pragprog.com/titles/lmelixir.

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