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Programmer Passport: LiveView »

LiveView is the most anticipated Elixir framework yet. The premise is seductive: you can build highly interactive, scalable applications without ever writing a line of custom JavaScript. In this course, we’ll look at the expectations and the realities of LiveView. We’ll look at how it works in broad strokes, and then we’ll look at exactly which data moves between the client and the server. Come and get it from our friends at Grox.io. LiveView is available a la carte and as part of the annual Programmer Passport subscription.

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Programmer Passport: LiveView
July 15, 2020

On this day way back in 1799, the Rosetta stone was discovered. Carrying the same message in three different translations, the Rosetta stone was critical in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

When faced with new technology, you might feel like you're looking at a page of ancient hieroglyphs as well. Where do you start? How do you hook this up? With so many choices to make, how do you know you're making right ones? You need an experienced guide to show you the way.

Learn LiveView from our friends at Grox.io and get started on the up-and-coming technology in Elixir.

Programmer Passport: Liveview

This LiveView series will be a little different from previous offerings. The book will be heavily supplemented by the videos on Grox.io. We'll use the book to explore the theory and high-level concepts. You’ll see how Phoenix generates code, learn strategies for designing your own code, and find out how to incorporate many different kinds of events. In the videos, you’ll explore the details through examples. You’ll find out how to do common tasks. Start with the most basic applications so you can work with LiveView without having to focus too much on business logic. Integrate change validation through Ecto changesets without requiring a database. Finally, work with a more complex application for memorizing things.

LiveView is revolutionizing how we work. Come find out why!

Want to learn more? Subscribe to Programmer Passport at Grox.io!

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