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Creating your own domain-specific languages (DSLs) is both challenging and exhilarating. DSLs give users a way to interact with your applications more effectively, and Kotlin is a fantastic language to serve as a host for internal DSLs because it greatly reduces the pain and effort of design and development. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and leverage the language while creating your own elegant, fluent, concise, and robust DSLs using Kotlin.

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Programming DSLs in Kotlin
August 27, 2020

Getting to the point fast means getting results even faster, and that's why developers love Kotlin. It's succinct, fluent, and elegant. So what better setting could you have for designing DSLs, where the requirements are powerful and simple, expressive and concise? And what better resource could you have for learning about them, than the Pragmatic Bookshelf's brand new series, Pragmatic Answers.

At just 50-ish pages apiece, these digital-only books will get you over the toughest hurdles in the blink of an eye. Pragmatic Answers are a fast and furious deep dive into a complex topic with an expert you trust.

Interested in DSLs but new to Kotlin? Now through September 10, pick up both Programming Kotlin and Programming DSLs in Kotlin together and get 25% off when you apply coupon code KotlinSpecial to your order at pragprog.com.

Now come see why this extremely popular language is the perfect answer to all your DSL questions!

Programming DSLs in Kotlin: Design Expressive and Robust Special Purpose Code

Internal DSLs remove the burdens of implementing a full blown language compiler. The host language quickly becomes your ally to creating DSLs, but the syntax you can choose for your DSLs is limited to what the host language allows. You can work around the limitations by tactfully bending the rules and exploiting the language capabilities. Learn the power of Kotlin and ways to design with it, in the context of crafting internal DSLs.

Start by learning ways to exploit the flexibilities of Kotlin to make your DSLs fluent, expressive, and concise. Then pick up techniques to extend the language with domain specific properties and functions. Quickly move ahead to tie your DSL snippets into the runtime environment and context of execution of your applications. Design to prevent any non-sensical syntax in your DSL that may otherwise be valid in the host language. Finally, learn techniques to gracefully handle errors. Practice using the multiple examples that are included in each chapter.

Fire up your editor and follow along each example to become proficient in designing and implementing your own internal DSLs using Kotlin.

Now available in beta from pragprog.com/titles/vsdsl.

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