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Programmer Passport: Julia »

The Julia programming language is one of the fastest growing languages in the world. As data science and machine learning become more popular, Julia's blend of high performance and general-purpose features have rapidly driven its adoption by such companies as Apple and Disney. With Grox.io as a guide, you can explore with them and find out why.

Competing with Unicorns »

Today's tech unicorns develop software differently. They’ve developed a way of working that lets them scale like an enterprise while working like a startup. These techniques can be learned. This book takes you behind the scenes and shows you how companies like Google, Facebook, and Spotify do it. Leverage their insights so your teams can work better together, ship higher-quality product faster, innovate more quickly, and compete with the unicorns.

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Julia; Competing with Unicorns
October 29, 2020

Groxio users are tackling the Julia language with gusto! We are working through the typical data science steps (Obtain, Scrub, Explore, Model, Interpret). The videos are playing with election data from the folks at FiveThirtyEight. The book and project are working with Covid19 data. Come explore with us at Grox.io!

And if you love being on the cutting edge of tech, there's lots to learn from unicorns...including how to beat them at their own game!

Scaling like an enterprise while working like a startup is tricky, but we've got the playbook. Want the inside scoop? Listen to PragProg author, Jonathan Rasmusson, dispel the myths and cut through hype in this interview with our friends at the Level-Up Engineering podcast. Then, pick up your own copy of Competing with Unicorns and go behind the scenes to see how the top companies develop software. Now through November, 4, apply promo code UCOMPETE to get 25% off this title at pragprog.com.

You Could Be a Published Author

Is there a tech topic you are deeply passionate about and want to share with the rest of us? You could become a published Pragmatic Bookshelf author! Take a look at our pragprog.com/become-an-author page for details, including our 50% royalty (yes, for real!) and world-class development editors.

Remember, the best way to tell the future is to create it.

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  • 2020-10-30 Diana Larsen, Agile Lean International 2020
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  • 2020-11-23 Diana Larsen, Women in Agile Europe 2020
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