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There's nothing natural about functional programming. It's awkward, it feels funny…and then one day you start to see the world differently and you can't remember what was so difficult.

This hands-on, fast-moving kickstart will provide you with a new set of skills. In no time you’ll be creating and using higher-order functions, embracing value types, avoiding side effects, and digging deep into map(), flatMap(), and apply().

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Functional Programming in Swift
December 03, 2020

On this day in 1910, the world got its first look at modern neon lights at the Paris Motor Show. Electric light wasn't new, but neon added a new dimension of color and expression.

Functional programming isn't new either, but it, too, adds a new dimension of higher-order thought to programming. See how to add these tools to your arsenal with A Functional Programming Kickstart: Introducing Functional Programming Fundamentals in Swift, now available in beta from pragprog.com/titles.

Come and get it, and get your own bright new ideas today!

A Functional Programming Kickstart: Introducing Functional Programming Fundamentals in Swift

You use functions and methods to get things done but have you ever thought that those things you do with Strings, Ints, and other types can also be done with functions? We begin this book by learning how to construct functions that are safe to use and to pass around.

Pass around?

Sure. You can store functions as properties, create functions that return other functions, and create and use functions that accept other functions. In no time this book will have you creating these so-called higher-order functions and exploring many provided for you in the Swift Standard Library.

Once you’ve explored map() and flatMap() for Arrays you are prepared to take things to a whole other level. We work to see map() and flatMap() as design patterns and not just as functionality we’re given for collections. We’ll see map() as pattern by extending examples provided for Array, Optionals, and the Result type. Once you have the big idea of map() down you’ll understand all the fuss about functors.

This prepares you to look at flatMap() and see how map() allows us to transform a result but flatMap() allows us to interact with our environment. In addition to built in types, and illustrative types we explore the Writer, Reader, and State monads. Understanding this broader context will help you apply the standard bits of the standard library with more confidence and prepare you to master the Combine frameworks.

Now available from pragprog.com/titles.

This work was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

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