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A Combine Kickstart »

This hands-on, fast-moving kickstart introduces you to the future of declarative and reactive programming on Apple platforms: Combine.

Harness this powerful new tool by focusing on core concepts and by building discrete, easy-to-understand pieces of a pipeline that allows your app to react to changes in state. Get started today!

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A Combine Kickstart
February 11, 2021

Things don't always happen how or when you'd expect. Sometimes events happen out of order, sometimes there's a huge delay between events, and sometimes events simply never happen. It's true in programming, and it's true in life.

Take, for example, PragProg author, Paolo Perrotta. The path that Paolo followed to becoming a software developer, a writer, a book author, and more was anything but a straight line. It was a journey that he calls nothing short of "mystical." You can learn all about it and earn a chance to win one of Paolo's books in this month's In the Spotlight on Devtalk at https://forum.devtalk.com/t/spotlight-paolo-perrotta-author/6868.

While twists and turns can be fun and lead to interesting places in life, when it comes to programming, it's a whole other story. If you've been struggling to wrangle asynchronous messages and disparate modes of communication in your iOS and Mac apps, there's good news. The Combine framework unifies it all, giving you the ability to react to whatever happens—whenever it happens.

Check out this latest kickstart today, and don't forget the other great titles in this series: A Swift Kickstart, Second Edition, A SwiftUI Kickstart, and A Functional Programming Kickstart.

A Combine Kickstart: Introducing the Declarative Framework for Processing Values over Time

In your typical iOS or Mac app, the controller sees the view and the model and can send them messages directly. But how do they communicate back?

We have decades of experience using all sorts of devices. They all work fine, but they all work differently.

The Combine framework unifies these different modes of communication into a single pattern. In fact, Apple has wrapped traditional methods like Notification, Timers, URLSession, and even KVO in Combine publishers so that they can participate as well.

We start with a UIKit example and transition to SwiftUI so that you can see that no matter which framework you are using for your user interface, the time is right for Combine. You’ll quickly understand the four pillars of Combine: publishers, subscribers, subscriptions, and operators and start building out pipelines that connect far away sources.

This code-along book is filled with examples that covers a myriad of use cases while providing you with the mental model to apply these techniques to your own projects.

Now available here A Combine Kickstart.

This work was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

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