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Do you want to understand how machine learning concepts work, but can't cut through the dense jargon? Whether you're a programmer excited about the recent release of Nx in Elixir or have a problem that ML can solve, our friends at Grox.io have your onramp to machine learning.

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Programmer Passport: Flux ML for Julia
March 04, 2021

Programmer Passport: Flux ML for Julia

The Groxio FluxML course runs March 1st-May 31st. The FluxML course teaches programmers basic ML concepts in a way that helps you break through the dense jargon presented by statisticians, to data scientists. Let Groxio guide your own ML journey using FluxML and the mathematically elegant Julia Language. Here's how it works:

The FluxML lessons will teach you the basic ML cycle. From there, you'll shape your data for success by engineering your features for consumption. Then, you'll build a model using neural net concepts, and train that model to make predictions. Along the way, you will see how the decisions you make shape the learning process. You'll also see why automatic differentiation is a big deal.

Groxio courses have content to support you through increasing levels of mastery. Written content introduces new concepts in an approachable way. Videos invite bite-sized explorations that let you to code side by side with Seven Languages in Seven Weeks author, Bruce Tate. The projects in the later chapters give you a chance to build your own project using a guided format like video, test-first development, or a notebook. Along the way, curated links provide topics like math or stats concepts for further study once you've established a firm theoretical foundation.

Come and see why curious programmers love Grox.io!

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