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Tailwind CSS is an exciting new CSS framework that allows you to design your site by composing simple utility classes to create complex effects. You can style your text, move your items on the page, design complex page layouts, and adapt your design for devices from a phone to a wide-screen monitor. You'll learn how to use Tailwind for its flexibility and its consistency, from the smallest detail of your typography to the entire design of your site. Read on for a special deal!

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Modern CSS with Tailwind
May 13, 2021

Modern CSS with Tailwind: Flexible Styling Without the Fuss

With CSS, you can do amazing things to the basic text and images on your website, and with just a little bit of client-side code to add and remove CSS classes, you can do exponentially more. CSS can also be hard to debug, complicated to write, and hard to maintain—but it doesn’t have to be. With Tailwind, you can minimize the amount of CSS you need to write, making it easier to control and debug, and yet still enjoy full flexibility and consistency across your site. Use Tailwind to build complex page layouts, add responsive design that adjusts to different screen widths, and dramatically reduce the amount of CSS you need.

The Tailwind setup is extremely explicit, and makes it possible to understand the display just by looking at the HTML markup. Start by designing the typographic details of the individual elements, then placing and manipulating those elements in "the box"—the rectangle of space each element takes up on screen—using a flexbox or grid design. Move those elements around the page with helpful small animations and transitions. With Tailwind, it’s easy to prototype, iterate, and customize your display. Use prefixes to specify behavior. Change defaults, add new behavior, or integrate with legacy CSS.

Use Tailwind to make extraordinary web designs without extraordinary effort.

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