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Develop more productive habits in dealing with your manager. As a professional in the business world, you care about doing your job the right way. The quality of your work matters to you, both as a professional and as a person. The company you work for cares about making money and your boss is evaluated on that basis. Sometimes those goals overlap, but the different priorities mean conflict is inevitable. Take concrete steps to build a relationship with your manager that helps both sides succeed.

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Tim and Tammy are back with another episode of the Pragmatic Hero's Journey podcast. This month, our hosts chat with Herbert Wolverson, author of Hands-on Rust.

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Help Your Boss Help You; Podcast
July 21, 2021

Help Your Boss Help You: Convert Conflict Into Opportunities

Guide your manager to treat you as a vital member of the team who should be kept as happy and productive as possible.

When your manager insists on a course of action you don't like, most employees feel they have only two options: you can swallow your objections, or you can leave. Neither option gets you what you want, which is for your manager to consider your interests when making decisions. Challenging your boss directly is risky, but if you understand what really matters to your manager, you can build a balanced relationship that works for both sides.

Provide timely "good enough" answers that satisfy the immediate need of the boss to move forward. Use a productive solution to the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma to structure your interactions with management, going along when necessary and pushing back where appropriate, without threatening the loyalty relationship. Send the two most important messages to your boss—"I got this" and "I got your back"—to prove your value to the boss and the organization. Analyze your manager's communication preferences so you can express your arguments in a way most likely to be heard and understood. Avoid key traps, like thinking of the boss as your friend or violating the chain of command unnecessarily.

Now in print: Use Coupon Code "KKMANAGECOMPLETE" for 40% off the ebook at pragprog.com/titles/kkmanage. For the paperback edition, please support your local independent bookstore.

The Pragmatic Hero’s Journey Podcast: Karl Stolley

Herbert Wolverson, the founder of Bracket Productions, likes to take a holistic approach to development. As an experienced freelance consultant, he encourages solutions that encompass the entirety of a problem, and he provides tools at each level to automate essential business tasks.

On this episode, Herbert talks about his love of video games and how his parents fueled his desire to write a book. As a first-time author, Herbert didn't know what to expect, but he enjoyed the process so much that he's already writing another book with us.

Listen to the rest of Herbert's story on this episode of the Pragmatic Hero's Journey podcast.

You can stream the episode here: https://pragprog.libsyn.com/ or subscribe to the RSS feed at https://pragprog.libsyn.com/rss.

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